Does Your Homeowners’ Insurance Cover You If…

Does Your Homeowners’ Insurance Cover You If…

Too frequently homeowners aren’t sure whether a particular incident will be covered under their home’s insurance policy until they submit a claim. Of course, as the old expression goes, it is probably too late. How confident are you in your coverage? Would you be covered if…

Your dog bit a neighbor?

Most dog bites will be covered under the liability coverage of a homeowners’ insurance policy, but you’ll want to make sure your particular breed is covered and the insurance company knows you own a dog. Different states have varying rules about dogs, bites and how insurance handles this issue so check with your independent insurance to verify before such an incident occurs.

Your fence blew down in a storm?

Generally fences are considered an outbuilding and would be covered like any other unattached structure to your home. This means it likely will be covered if a storm blew down your fence.

Your coin collection was stolen?

Collections will be covered under most homeowners’ insurance policies at least up to the policy limits for such collections. Should you have an extremely valuable collection of coins or other collectibles, talk with your independent insurance agent about additional coverage.

Your son’s friend hurt himself on your trampoline?

You should first understand that most insurance policies will no longer provide coverage to homes with a backyard trampoline. Keeping your insurance company in the dark about trampoline ownership is a very bad idea considering that coverage will not be in force, and it may in fact lead to cancellation of your policy.

The food delivery person fell on the cracked walkway to your front door?

It can be a bit unsettling to realize you may be held liable should anyone be injured on your property. This includes lawn service people, pest control providers, pizza and food delivery personnel and even friends and neighbors. This is what, in part, makes homeowners insurance liability coverage so valuable. Not only will liability insurance cover your legal costs of a liability claim but will also pay any judgement or settlement that results.

Your home was flooded?

Flooding occurs in every state, yet most basic homeowners insurance policies do not provide coverage. Separate flood insurance must be secured. Contact your independent insurance agent to learn more.

A homeowners’ insurance review can help you discover the areas where your coverage may be lacking. The good news is that you can get a no cost, no obligation home insurance policy review and price quote. Not only may you uncover critical gaps in coverage, but you may even be able to save on your premiums. Contact one of our professionals today to get started!

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