I Won’t Be Around

I Won’t Be Around

Everyone who has ever sold life insurance has heard it over and over. You or someone you know may have even said this: I don’t need life insurance. I won’t be around anyway.

Sorry, that just doesn’t hold water. The reason is simple. You don’t buy life insurance for yourself.

When you give up that premium coffee in the morning or pass on that second craft beer to pay for life insurance, you are doing it not for yourself but for those left behind. Oh, you may get value from your decision to buy life insurance, like peace of mind and comfort in doing the right thing. There may even be value in building equity in the future with permanent life insurance. For the most part, however, life insurance is for those you love.

If you are young and single, it may be for your parents, who may not have the resources to cover your final expenses.

It could be for your spouse, to help them keep their home and pay bills. Proceeds may be used to maintain reliable transportation and pay credit card and consumer debts.

When people purchase life insurance, it may be to help support their children and even help them get through college.

Most of all, life insurance can help ease stress and worry and serve as protection from a major financial hurdle.

We like to think that when someone explains they don’t need life insurance “because I won’t be here anyway”, they are doing it as a bit of a nervous joke that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Life insurance, after all, isn’t intended for you. It is a lasting, meaningful gift for those you leave behind.

If you are ready to start or continue building your life insurance program, reach out to one of our independent life insurance agents. We can discuss your situation and the goals you have for your family. Many are pleasantly surprised at just how affordable life insurance can be. Contact us, answer a few questions, and we will search our network of companies to find coverage that works for you, your family, and your budget. We look forward to assisting you.

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