Frustrated with Other Drivers? Blame Luigi and Princess Peach

Frustrated with Other Drivers? Blame Luigi and Princess Peach

Do you find your blood pressure rising just a bit as you strap in behind the wheel? Do you find yourself tailgating someone who pulled out in front of you or have the urge to brake check someone tailgating you? Does it seem like other drivers view speed limits, stop signs, and traffic lights as “suggestions”? Perhaps Mario, Luigi, Toad, Bowser, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and the gang from Mario Kart are to blame. These, of course, are characters from the video racing game, Mario Kart series.

Don’t believe it? Ridiculous? Unlikely? Not so fast.

Mario Kart was Introduced in 1992

Mario Kart first hit the market in 1992 and was an immediate hit. That means a significant number of drivers, from 16 years old to fifty and older, have played the game.

There Have Been Nine Editions Since

From Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64 to Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, hundreds of millions of people have been exposed to the streets and drivers of the game. In fact, over 40 million copies of Super Mario Kart Deluxe for Switch have been sold.

Mario Kart Rewards Bad Driving

Mario Kart rewards a whole host of bad driving habits, including sideswiping cars, speeding, throwing things on the roadway (banana peels, bombs etc.), and leaving the scene of an accident.

It Creates the Illusion You Have More Than One Life

Sure, making a mistake in Mario Kart can lead to a tumbling vehicle and a digital explosion, but in seconds, drivers are back on the road. That’s not the case in real life.

Drivers Have a Poor Attitude

Ever notice how characters like to shout out a cheer or laugh when they do something that leads to their success, even if it means a crash for you? That same type of attitude shown by Bowser or Yoshi can be witnessed on our own roads.

The next time you see a driver cut you off, by rolling through a stop sign, or ignoring a green light because they are on their phone, you just may want to make sure it’s not Luigi or Princess Peach behind the wheel.

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