Ouch! Common Burns in the Home

Ouch! Common Burns in the Home

You probably don’t consider your home a dangerous place, and with a little bit of caution, it doesn’t have to be. Yet, every year, tens of thousands are injured in the safety of their homes. While slips, trips, and falls are the most common type of in-home injury (especially for children and the elderly), burns are the second most common injury. It is estimated that a whopping 73% of all burns occur in the home. This is concerning because most burn injuries are preventable with a little caution. Here are the most common causes of these household burns:


It may seem obvious that most burns in the home are caused by some form of fire. The flame could be from a gas stove, a candle, a fireplace, a fire pit, a propane grill flare-up, or a grease fire. You should never leave an open flame unattended in or around the home. Flammable materials should be kept away from fires, and every kitchen should at least have a small, general-purpose household fire extinguisher.

Scalding Liquids

Scalding occurs when the skin comes into contact with extremely hot liquids or steam. It can come from cooking, a hot shower or bath, a spilled bowl of soup, or a hot cup of coffee. A little bit more caution and even turning down the water heater a notch can help prevent these painful burns.

Electrical Burns

Burns from an electric shock are more common than you may think, especially for young children exploring the wonders of uncovered electrical sockets. Frayed wires, older small appliances, and electrical tools are other common causes of electrical burns.

Hot Surfaces

Hot pots, pans, smooth top stove surfaces, and even a hot car or a lawn mower engines are all capable of providing nasty burns. When in doubt, use potholders or gloves when handling or working near or with hot surfaces.


We may forget that our households may have other burn dangers lurking in our cabinets and garages. Chemical burns can be caused by battery acid, bleach, and other caustic cleaners and products. Caution should be exercised when using these products, including the use of appropriate gloves and eye protection.

While home insurance can help provide financial and medical relief from household burns and liability issues that may surround them, it is far better to prevent them.

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