Staying Motivated…As The Boss

Staying Motivated…As The Boss

If you are a business owner, manager, shift leader, foreman, department head or in another position of authority, keeping your staff motivated and morale high may be a part of your job. The problem is, the higher you are in the food chain, the fewer people there are above you to reciprocate. If you are the boss, you may have to rely on your own techniques to stay motivated. Here are some you can try.

Review Your Successes

It can be too easy to lay in bed at night reviewing your near misses and failures. Make sure you take time to appreciate your victories of the past day, no matter how small they may be.

Put Your Brain in “Find Solutions” Mode

Rather than experiencing anxiety of why sales are down or costs are up, ask yourself “What three specific things can I do to help improve sales” or “What can I do today to save money?” Give your brain a chance to look for solutions by asking pro-active questions.

Remember Your Success

What got you where you are? What are those personal traits that helped you succeed in the past? That is still you, and you can still do it.

Be Grateful

It is difficult to be stressed when you are grateful. Be grateful for the opportunities you have had and still have ahead of you.

Exercise Using Positive Self Talk

Adding positive self talk while you exercise can multiply its motivating power. When you catch a bit of stress or angst seeping into your mind push it out and replace it with something more positive.

Read a Motivational Book or Listen to an Audio File

Don’t think you are above being helped by a motivational speaker or by reading a book with a positive slant. Get away from negative news and social media and spend time in more calming waters.

Listen to More Positive, Upbeat Music You Love

Feeling down? Put on some of your old favorites and crank it up. You may even be inspired to sing. If you let yourself, you just may feel better or even energized.

Staying motivated doesn’t have to involve major changes. Small positive changes can help. If you have business insurance, for example, contact us for a business insurance review. We just may be able to save you money. That will make you feel better. If you don’t have business insurance, at least contact us to see how affordable it can be. You may also be surprised at just how good you’ll feel knowing your business is better protected.

Staying positive and motivated is not always easy. Sometimes you may just need a day off. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself with time to relax and recharge.

Be Confidently Insured.


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