Bugs, Insects, Pests, and Home Insurance

Bugs, Insects, Pests, and Home Insurance

We secure home insurance to help protect our investment. It provides peace of mind knowing that if there is a fire, damaging storm, vandalism, or theft, our home will be covered based on the terms of the policy. It is worthwhile to note, however, that a home insurance policy doesn’t cover everything. Flooding, for example, is not covered under base homeowners’ insurance policies. Another exclusion to be aware of is that of infestations.

In general, infestations are not covered under the terms of a basic home insurance policy. This includes mice, rats, and insects. The damage and/or removal of these pests are normally not covered under most policies.

These types of infestations are often excluded from coverage because they are viewed by the insurance company as a maintenance issue. While home insurance will generally cover damage caused by a covered calamity, it will most not often cover damage that results from a lack of maintenance. Even a wooden fence that sustained damage from insects and falls may be excluded from coverage.

That being said, some damage as a result of pest activity may be covered. If chewed wiring, for example, that a homeowner was not aware of caused a fire, damage from that fire would likely be covered.

Termite treatments and damage from termites are also rarely covered. If, however, you are paying for regular termite treatments, and you sustain damage, you may be able to seek financial restitution from the pest control company.It is worthwhile to check your pest control warranty before you experience an issue.

It can be risky to make assumptions about your home insurance until there is a claim. A regular home insurance review can keep you on top of your coverage and identify where there may be gaps. Our independent home insurance agents are qualified to review policies issued by any company. We can not only review your coverage, but we can provide you with a no-obligation price quote. We look forward to assisting you in protecting your investment.

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