Want More Stress? Don’t Get Business Insurance.

Want More Stress? Don’t Get Business Insurance.

Business owners spend a great deal of time wondering how to get more sales and more profits for their companies. However, odds are, that you already have an ample supply of stress. In fact, you probably didn’t wake up this morning wondering how you could have more stress in your life. Yet, many business owners essentially make that choice when they forego business insurance. Here are 10 potentially costly problems your business could face within the next 10 hours.

  1. A Fire. A fire could be set by lightning, electric problems, or even arson.
  2. A Slip and Fall. A single slip-and-fall incident that results in an injury can cost you your business.
  3. Storm Damage. This could include rain, high winds, lightning, and more. You can’t fool Mother Nature.
  4. Theft can occur externally or from employees. It is one of the main causes of small business bankruptcy.
  5. Computer Hacks. Loss of customer data is a real problem today.
  6. Auto Accidents. Even if your business doesn’t own vehicles, it could be liable for vehicles used in a business-related capacity.
  7. Employee Injuries. An employee who is hurt on the job would be eligible for Workers Comp.
  8. Employee Activities that Cause Harm. You can be responsible for employees who cause damage, injuries, or harm while on the clock.
  9. Crime that Occurs on Your Property. You could potentially be liable for crimes that occur on your property. Poor lighting and unlocked windows or doors are a few examples.
  10. Loss of Income. If a business closes due to a calamity, a business will suffer from a lack of income until it can reopen.

Why add stress when business insurance can provide coverage for these and other potential problems? Business insurance may be more affordable than you think. Contact one of our independent business insurance agents to craft a business insurance plan for your business. There is no obligation or cost to learn more. Take some pressure off yourself with a business insurance plan today. We look forward to assisting you.

Be Confidently Insured.


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