Cities in the US With The Best Public Transportation Systems

Cities in the US With The Best Public Transportation Systems

Those who live in less populated or rural areas in the country may find it hard to imagine that there are plenty of people who live without owning cars. In fact, in some areas, cars are unnecessary and even considered a luxury. These areas usually have superb public transportation systems. Here are five cities where automobiles are an option.

New York City

If you’ve ever driven in New York, you can quickly understand why public transportation is so popular. Busses, cabs, bikes and pedestrians make driving in the city an adventure. Thankfully, New York has a superb public transportation system that includes subways, commuter rail, light rail, buses, and even ferry buses. The city’s public transportation system is effective enough to allow for commuters to enter and exit the city every day from bedroom communities hours away.

Boston, Massachusetts

As one of the nation’s oldest historic cities, Boston has a myriad of old, narrow streets winding their way through a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own personality. It doesn’t help that Boston drivers are notoriously impatient. The “T”, Boston’s efficient public transportation system, helps move people in and out and around the city through a network of subway and rail lines. There are even water taxis to make getting across the Harbor easier. The best way to experience the city, however, may still be the Freedom Trail, a walking trail between some of Boston’s most historic places.

San Francisco

While the city’s cable cars get most of the headlines, San Francisco has an extraordinary bus and light rail system known as BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to move commuters and visitors in and around the Bay Area. Outlying communities often have their own “Mini” bus systems to help expand transportation into these smaller communities. The BART system encompasses a large area including Oakland.


The nation’s third largest city is served by an excellent, multi-faceted public transportation system managed by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). The city’s famous “L” serves about 800,000 riders each weekday and the system serves 35 suburbs and communities in and around the windy city. Making the city’s public transportation network even more valuable for residents and visitors alike is the fact that the city has two major airports, O’Hare and Midway, which are connected to it. Getting caught in the city’s infamous rush hour traffic will make a quick believer out of you.

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