A Home Wishlist That Can Pay for Itself

A Home Wishlist That Can Pay for Itself

If you could make a modest investment in your home that could make life safer, more comfortable, a bit more convenient, and potentially pay for itself, would you? Here are a few such investments that could make sense for you.

A Backup Generator

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a whole-house backup generator. Big box home improvement stores have gas-powered portable generators that can power a few lights, a radio, a television, and a refrigerator/freezer in a power outage. These smaller generators can be found for around $500 and will provide peace of mind in an emergency. It could pay for itself by saving one freezer full of food.

A Solar Water Heater

Considering going solar? Start with your water heater. Solar water heaters can pay for themselves in energy savings in short order.

An Apartment Sized Refrigerator

Sure, you can put that old refrigerator out in the garage or basement for extra space, but the problem is that it may be using more power than it is worth. A new, energy-efficient, apartment-sized or compact refrigerator may pay for itself in a few months.

Home Security and Safety Systems

More and more homeowners are investing in home safety and security systems. Not only can these systems and cameras provide better protection, but your home insurance company may offer a discount on premiums once they are installed.

A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are affordable, easy to use, and can help you save on your energy bill. They allow you to control the temperature inside your home from your smartphone. These, too, can pay for themselves quickly.

A Whole House Speaker System

Alright, speakers in the common areas of your home may not make life easier, safer, or save you money, but they sure can make your home a more pleasant place. Wireless speaker systems are affordable and easy to install, and whether you like your jazz smooth or your country music loud and rockin’, they can make a nice difference.

It is nice to find new and better ways to enjoy your home, especially when it is affordable and may pay for itself. A no-obligation home insurance review is free and may end up saving you money. Reach out to us today and make your life just a bit better.

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